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is causing these big delays right now. >> good morning everyone. >> the time is 6:00. firefighters in antioch are busy this morning. three separate fires of broke out within an hour of each other. >> investigators are calling those fire suspicious. >> two of the three fires overnight happened at this strip mall behind me. the damage does not look at significant this morning but look at the flames from overnight. there was some exterior damage and some damage to the roof of this building. you're looking at one of three fires, two of them burn on either side of the strip mall. this one appears to of started on the outside but then moved through the inside. >> fire on the northwest side of the building and then we had another additional exterior fire on the southeast side of the building and one hour before that there was a fire down the street so we do have an investigator in route. >> that last fire he was talking about was that any of high- school but it looks like it only burnt a tree. firefighters were able to get to it quickly enough but fire investigators are now looking into whether or n
-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. good morning, everybody. new this morning, antioch fire investigators very busy at this hour trying to figure out if an arsonist is to blame for three suspicious fires overnight, including one outside of a school and another one that damaged up a strip mall. "today in the bay's" christie smith joins us live from antioch with the latest on what looks to be very suspicious out there. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning, jon. we moved to the street side of that strip mall so you can get a different angle of the fire. it burned grass and trees all the way up to the side of the building. this is on sycamore and l streets in antioch. it started last night around 10:40. police saw flames coming from the back of the building. they called in firefighters and noticed that there were actually two fires happening at the exact same strip mall, different sides of the building, though. this jumped to two alarms of the most of the damage on the outside wall and the eaves by a dollar-type store. only an hour earlier, a few blocks away at 18th and l, another fire. th
. the warmest places, medley -- mid-80s in antioch. upper 60s and low 70's by the bay. here is a look at the 7 day around the bay. cooler on tuesday as we get more fog. all the way through this week and into next weekend, temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70's. load-mid '80s inland. get nose and whether any time on comcast channel 193, hour and a 24-7 news channel. >>vicki: the blue angels live, it is part of the fleetweek festivities. we will bring you all the sights and ds, hosted by mark danon and george rask. the blue angels live, saturday october 6th at 3:00 p.m.. mornings after a break. from >>vicki: bay area sports addicts got there fixed a date. and both major league baseball teams took to the field. we spoke with some fans were brimming with excitement. >> people wearing silver and black and green and gold took in the action at this sports bar in san leandro. this is the best season for the oakland a's and a long time, the team has a shot at making the playoffs. as >> this is the most exciting time for oakland a's fans. it is the most exciting team ever. they came out of more
to live. three bay area cities in on the top 25 five list of slowest. antioch the third longest commute nationally, 36 minutes. pittsburg number 14, 31 minutes to get to work. if you are driving from novato it take as average of over half an hour. >> antioch and pittsburg are along the same route you figure both would be affected. >> yeah. >> 4:45. it could be happening in your neighborhood, next the new party trend involving teens and that empty house on the block. >> the call of the wild in san francisco's most popular park the four-legged critter parkgoers are being warned to steer clear of. >>> before you head to the supermarket, is organic better? what a new study reveals. [ fingers tapping ] [ rain pattering ] [ heels clicking ] [ female announcer ] yoplait light tastes great now... ♪ ...and feels great later 20 delicious flavors of yoplait light, now at 90 calories each. yoplait, it is so good! it sparks a movement. look ! no ugly spots ! and see that shine ! you've got to try finish. because once they try finish, they can't keep it to themselves. i'm switching for good. wow !
school. >> arson investigators are busy in antioch after three overnight fires break out within a short time of each other. >> kristen: apple to iphone 5 is available for pre-orders. >> eric: you ordered two. >> kristen: the silver or black, oh. >> eric: i got it. thank you so much for joining us. >> kristen: i'm kristen sze. let's get mike nicco to help us make up our mind as far as the kids' jacket. >> temperatures in the 50s with a lot of cloud cover. good morning, live doppler 7 hd. not showing any organized areas of drizzle or light rain. clouds are stubborn at the coast. mostly cloudy at noon and hang out to mid 50s about a slight breeze by 4:00 and then mid to upper 50s during the being hours. definitely jacked weather for the better part of the day there. around the bay, fog and more cloudiness this morning than it was fog like yesterday. low 60s to 70s. by 4:00, upper 60s upper 70s. i don't think we'll see as many high clouds. inland, east bay valleys, it will be pretty hot. north and south bay, around 80. east bay near 90. comfortable during the evening hours as temperatures w
on unrelated charges. >>> neighbors in antioch are stunned and angry after a bold act of vandalism that has left a pop already play structure in salute ruins. that structure is inside antioch city park at a and tenth street. play area was part of large community effort designed by the children of antioch. now the chirp are being kept out of it. story tonight from laura anthony. >> 4-year-old can only look through the joel caution tape at the black and burned out shell of the toddler play lot at antioch city park. >> terrible. kids can't have no where to play. >>reporter: one by one preschoolers and parents came to survey the ruins of the structure made with resin material meant to be flame reese anti- one reason why police say this definitely loo looks like arson. neighbors shot this video on the cell phone just before contra costa county firefighters put out the flame. 5-year-old structure is nearly a total loss. >> very, very upsetting. that somebody would have so little regard for their pride of their community they do something like this. >> this is not right. this is this is
department. >>> contra costa county fire investigators are looking into a suspicious fire in antioch this morning. one of three in the same area in about 12 hours, and they say the fire began in trees behind the house on william reed drive. for -- firefighters say it might have started in a homeless encampment. neighbors say it's scary. >> you never know what's gonna happen. it starts and maybe your fence will go up and everything in your yard and home goes up. >> this morning's fire did not reach the house. investigators are looking into the two-alarm fire around 10:40 last night at the 99 cent store on sycamore and elm. they believe if was arson and might be related to a fire earlier. no one was injured. >>> we learned today that a menlo park school that just had a large school did not have monitored fire alarms or a sprinkler system. the fire started early in the morning at palm beachwood school. lorraine blanco is joining us live from the campus to let us know what's going on today. >> reporter: good afternoon. an excavating company has been here since daylight. they have been us
broke out within an hour of each other and antioch overnight which it investigators are calling it suspicious. >>> the damage from an outside is not significant. check of the video though hull if two hours ago. a lot of flames come to fires set current hit had destroyed all. another analysis torrance another small possesses along the way purely this is one of three fires. to that and underside of the strip mall anchored the fire started on the outside the building of the move on some insight. >>> % from the officer did at the two is structured far ahead this structure fundus that piece that went into a warm spit >>> and another fire was reported about hour before this one at another building just dump a block. when looking at food fights within the same area overnight it could be the work of an arsonist. >>> a la high-speed chase into an elementary school in the east bay. officers in the vallejos, the chart that was part of an investigation. two suspects and that nicole did not stop in got onto highway 680. the churches and the folks elementary and the drivers try to run. office
. >> smoke this week. controlled burns were conducted today in antioch. it is part of a effort to remove fire hazard and train firefighters. the smoke can be seen from antioch, oakly and brentwood. the burns will continue tomorrow and friday. >>> we got fog out there right now. patchy long the coast and it will be around in the morning. a peak here and i will show you the fog by the golden gate bridge. across the bay too. oakland 64 degrees. clear over there. a few high clouds in the area. the forecast tomorrow, more of the same. these are the current temperatures. 82 antioch. 80 in concord. these are the observed highs today from the national weather service. 87 fairfield. touching up on 90 degrees in the warmest areas. highs tomorrow, look like these. tuesday expect what we had today. if you had fog today, you will have the same kind of pattern tomorrow. temperatures mainly in the 70s. extended forecast, things stay in a warm pattern. as we go through the week, temperatures trend up a little bit. right now 90s. if the holds out it might get warmer and might have fire concerns late into the
. especially through antioch the construction zone. somebody asked me the other day when is that going to be finished? my answer 2015. not that far. okay it is far. let's move along to 237. this traffic looks pretty good as you cross 880. let's go to back to the desk. >>> thank you. we are starting with a high speed police chase that went from solano to contra costa county. it ended at police firing from a sus -- firing at a suspect. claudine wong is there to tell us the details. >> reporter: we are at fair oaks elementary school. i want to show you the damage left behind by this police chase and shooting. take a look at the three poles in this roundabout that goes in front of the front of the elementary school. you can see they are pushed over. that is because that is where the vehicle the police were chasing just came to a stop when it got out of control. let me give you a look at it last night so you can get a better look at how everything ended up. this is where the vehicle stopped. police say the two suspects got out. one tried to run. one of them actually turned and made a gestur
costa authorities are investigating a suspicious fire next to a strip mall in antioch. it started shortly before midnight when some trees caught fire at a mall on "l" and sycamore streets. fire investigators say flames hit both sides of the building. there was another small fire down the street overnight. there were no injuries. parts of the strip mall will open later this morning. >> eric: kenyon youngstrom has been laid to rest at sacramento valley national cemetery in dickson. it followed an emotional final goodbye in vacaville. [ bag pipes playing ] >> eric: nearly 4,000 mourners including governor jerry brown and attorney general pamela harris paid their respects during the funeral for the officer that was killed last week in the line of duty. one of the most moving moments came from the 37-year-old chp officer's partner. he was on patrol with youngstrom when he was shot during a traffic stop in alamo. he killed the gunman before giving aid to his partner. >> i know he can hear me. i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for always being there for me. i look forward t
>>> developing news out of antioch this morning where arson investigators are looking at three overnight fire that say started within an hour. i'm christie smith. i'll have that story coming up. >> reporter: and good morning, i'm bob redell with a million dollar solution to the pigeon problem at b.a.r.t. stations. we'll take you live to daly city coming up. >>> and go ahead and do it, give yourself a pat on the back, you made it to friday. we've got a great-looking weekend shaping up. another hot one inland with plenty of 90s. even rain in the forecast. lots to talk about, that's coming up. >> not so quick. if you have to get to work through oakland, we have a new accident, a big backup north of the coliseum. we'll bring you those details coming up. >>> and from oakland to san jose, the city all lit up on this friday, september 14th. this is "today in the bay." >>> good morning, thanks for waking up with us. it is 5:00, i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley, good morning, everybody. new this morning, arson investigators very busy today after a serie
. 43 antioch with late road work. the westbound lanes. highway no. 4--through antioch. that right lane however has been reopened. all lanes are finally opened but you can see that it is still heavy out of antioch and even through antioch towards pittsburgh. if >> and how about this with clear skies and still there could be delays at s f o. it is not because of the fog but it is because of that construction. oversoul reporter, yoli... >>reporter: good morning. our solo reporter-- >> good morning. these runways will be extended. there are also one to be doing structural work in replacing the lights. there is more restoration work impacting the aircraft. usually they can accommodate 60 aircraft per hour. however, without one runway only 30 aircraft. per our they are going to be decreased by 50 percent. each hour, they are going to only be able to accept 30 aircraft. the message is that check with your carrier to see if it is on time. and that could be why. with the next couple of weeks starting this weekend. >> this is a weekend for the next three consecutive weekends for s f o. >> and mo
nat sound --- wait for cue cesar ---se reportan varios incendios en la ciudad de antioch casi simultaneamen te... las autoridades creen que es la obra de un incendiario... cu - anchor noti intro --- muy buenas tardes y bienvenidos a noticiero telemundo 48 a las seis, les saluda cesar bayona... blanca garza se encuentra en asignacion especial... gracias por su sintonia......... stop open roll open cesar ---comenzamos con informacion de ultima hora... ---el equipo antibombas de la policia de san jose se encuentra investigando una maleta sospechosa que se encuentra abandonada en una parada de autobus entre la avaneida "snell" y capitol expressway... ---el trafico vehicular ha sido suspendido en ambas direcciones en la avenida snell y a los residentes en la zona se les ha solicitado que se mantengan en sus casas... ---en cuanto tengamos mas detalles les estaremos informando. cesar ---fue una noche con mucho trabajo para los bomberos de contra costa... take map ---en un periodo de 24 horas han tenido que combatir al menos cinco incendios en predios baldios... lo mas recientes se di
. san jose, 53. antioch 53. not much of a sea breeze, less than 10 miles per hour. yesterday it was up to 21, so it's been t cut in -- cut in half. a low spinning out here won't do too much. slightly warmer away from the coast today. still morning fog there. don't hatch that northeast wind yet. there's signs of by the weekend it might kick in though those along the beaches. so near 90 degrees here, and warmer inland starting thursday and maybe signs of a warm stretch into the weekend, and might include the coast. >>> close call by u.s. airports, not in the air but on the ground. what the faa is saying about the number of scares on the runway. >>> plus, it's a touchdown, it's an interception it's a touch-ception. was that the all-time worse call by nfl referees? well show you what happened last night on monday night football. >> traffic moving well on major roadways and we'll tell you more about the morning cho mute -- ca mute -- commute. >>> welcome back. this morning seattle see mocks fans are sell -- seahawks are set brighting and the -- celebrating and the packers are furious. >> i
on from east to west. here's a look at some current readings. 81 in fairfield. antioch, 85. 54, san francisco. santa rosa, 83. 75, los gatos, 72, san jose. the highlights for at least the next five to seven days, cool overnight tonight, with some coastal clouds. get ready for sunshine, mild day for your monday, and then each day this week we start to warm up just a little bit until get into wednesday and thursday, two of the warmest days for the work week. santa rosa this morning at the airport, 39 degrees. it's going to be cool with the clear sky there, so 43 overnight tonight. san francisco, touch of fog. 53, and in the east bay, antioch, 58. we had a very weak area of low pressure push to the north of us, but it's a little cooling today, and replacing this low, we're going to get a little bubble of i'll call it warm to mild air. not extremely hot but will gradually start to move in as we head through the work week, and it looks like wednesday, thursday could be the warmest days of the work week. let's get you out the door tomorrow morning. a cool start inlands. coast, upper 40s.
>>. >> kristen: now at four shirt. suspicious fires in antioch lead to an arson investigation and we're live at the w the latest. >> mideast nations are bracing for more anti-u.s. protests. muslim leaders are coming to the u.s. to protest. >> and police are gearing up for more rallies and protests on the one-year anniversary on the occupy wall street movement. >> good morning, i'm sue hall in the traffic center. it's friday. so far it's lighted. we do have some overnight road work we will update you on just couple minutes. >> i'm mike nicco. check out live doppler. low clouds but right now, it will be dry for the morning. we'll talk about a cooling trend and temperatures below average next week. >> eric: it's 4:30. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. >> arson investigators are busy in antioch where three fires broke out owe night and all within a short time. amy hollyfield is live at a strip mall. >> reporter: good morning. it started at the 99 cent store behind me but it's part of a strip mall. take a look at the video. there is what firefighters saw when they arrived. this
are busy after a string of suspicious fires in antioch. three fires broke out within an hour of each other around midnight. it spread to a strip mall. another fire was started in the same shopping center and smaller fire was down the street. firefighters knocked them down before they caused damage. this video, a fourth fire in a nearby backyard also appears suspicious. antioch fire officials say the cypress trees and brush caught fire a little more than an hour ago. they say it could have started at a homeless encampment. >> a big heads up on potential delays starting tonight if you are flying out of san francisco. >> eric: latest royal scandal involving pictures showing too much skin. too much of the duchess of cambridge is revealed. >> an apple tasting sweet success on pre-orders for the new iphone 5. we'll tell you how quickly the >> kristen: britain's royal family says it's suing french magazine that pictured topless photos of princess katherine. they toured malaysia and visited a mosque she covered her head with a veil to comply with islamic law. french gossip magazine insisted it did
yesterday. the numbers came down, so 87, clear lake. 65, san francisco. antioch, 87. livermore, 81. 74 was the high in san jose. temperatures trending down right now. santa rosa, 79. 62 in san francisco, and mountain view right now, 72. 72 in livermore, and 82 in antioch. here's a look at our highlights to get you through tonight, at least the first part of the work week. cool overnight, temperatures inland in the mid-to-upper 40s. we'll keep a little patchy coastal cloud, mild for your monday afternoon, ask then warm things up a little bit each day as we progress through the week. 43 the low tonight in santa rosa, compared to 53 for san francisco and overcast conditions, and 58 in antioch. this low helped to cool some parts of the bay area down, maybe one or two degrees this afternoon. it's going to push on towards the north. we say goodbye to that and say hello to a little high pressure going to bring us some mild to warm air throughout much of our work week. so he'll go with gradual warnings through mid-week. wednesday, thursday, could be the warmest days of the work week. getting o
. not as much sea breeze today so managed 90s inland. fairfield, 92. antioch, 90. livermore, 91. 73 in oakland right now. 5 in san francisco. compare these numbers well over 24 hours ago and you'll notice, yeah, much warmer, at 13 degrees in antioch just in the last 4 hours. up 14 in concord, and redwood city, up 13-degree from yesterday as the higher pressure builds in. we'll look for some very pesky clouds near the coast overnight. highlights indicate a little warmer conditions for labor day, monday, and then after that, get ready for a cooling trend that will take us in through the middle part of the work week, lows tonight in the 50s and you'll notice our forecast model, wanting to keep most of the fog just to the coast. so most locations will enjoy some clear skies overnight. here's detailed look. this high is slowly building in, and as it does so, just going to help to thin out the low clouds and fog and by tomorrow afternoon, the low clouds sitting off the coast so even coastal communities so see warmer temperatures tomorrow with less fog there, just in time for the holiday labor day to
commute. warmed up nicely, in the east bay. antioch, 85. 86 in livermore. 66 in oakland. 58, san francisco, 70s to the north bay. 57 half moon bay and 75 right now with some sunshine and a few high clouds in san jose. here is a look at the high lights as low clouds move further inland thanks to a stronger undershore wind flow, cooling trend begins tomorrow and will last through mid-week and then beyond that we'll start to washing up a little bit on thursday and friday and through the first part of next week. 40s expected overnight in the north bay. we may even see some mist and drizzle. the peninsula as well as the coast. we'll put that into the forecast as the low clouds stepped further inland. towards the delta. by tomorrow morning, antioch will get down to 55. you can see what is sitting just off the coast. this is a trough of low pressure, and the jet stream is just pushing towards the bay area. it will increase our onshore winds and that will mean cooler temperatures for at least the next several days. no more 90s. by tuesday and wednesday, inland temperatures only reaching the low 80
bodega bay, and winds on the increase. here's the highs today. 91 in fairfield. 87 in antioch. san rafael, 77. once that fog bank cleared away you saw sunshine. 60 was the high in san francisco. 85 was the high in morgan hill. currently we have 70 in santa rosa. 56, san francisco. 57, oakland, 84, antioch. yes, stronger onshore winds means they're low clouds pushing further inland. and get ready for cooler temperatures through mid-week as strong onshore winds will be with us and then after that we'll start to warm up a little bit as we get into thursday and friday. so, a few subtle changes expected. we'll get you out the door. tomorrow morning, 5:00 a.m., you'll noise the wide-spread fog bank extending out toward concord, walnut creek tomorrow morning and will burn back to the coast about 9:00. it will sit coastside with mist and drizzle and then the cooling trend begins tomorrow. 60s around the bay. more 70s, interior east bay. than 80s. we'll manage few towards live moore. the culprit is area of he pressure to the north and west. it's pushing the jet dream right over the bay area, and t
to come on a second look. we'll take you back to 1979 and the demolition of the original antioch bridge. >> and a bit later just how safe is this bay area bridge. a recent report might surprise you. >>> in 2003, the state dedicated a new cardena bridge. the bridge holds the name of carpa. >> reporter: when we visited the new bridge just a few weeks ago, workers were still putting it together. grinding here and welding there. but it was a bridge for certain, tall, proud and graceful. built to take four lanes of traffic with a shoulder and with a wide walkway for pedestrians and cyclists. one of the best things about the bridge is it was built without killing anyone. >> as i recall in the olden days they almost had an acceptable death rate. the whole industry has changed to that the acceptable death rate is zero. >> no serious injury? >> none. >> reporter: channel 2 news has been able to follow the building of the bridge step by step. first the concrete towers rose and we took our camera to the tower tops where you didn't have vertigo you weren't really looking down. the wind didn't seem
no. 4 is also difficult to antioch. and also the east bay is light on the peninsula, and at the freeways. >> 6: 01 beach would elementary--- >> jacqueline: this fire has been so big, so stubborn >>reporter:. will tran? this is video of the fire. this started at third tonight. according to the fire investigators because of a pinched wire its started thursday night. this administrative building is where it started. it caused a building to go up in flames. and also some temporary classrooms. and they have assessed the damage over the weekend and they're able to reshuffle the administrators and classrooms. that is why they are going to be able to return to school this morning at beach with elementary beac weather or not o rebuild or repair some of the damage sustained to beechwood elementary. however, this entire building could have been up in flames. with only two different places that is why of unfortunate enough to talk to the administrators. weird--fortunate enough to speak to administrators, soon. we will be speak with these administrators, soon. >> thank you come o
into what caused it. . >>> parts of contra costa county control burns for today in antioch near valley and gran day road all part of necessary to remove fire hazards and firefighters. fire officials say the smoke was seen from antioch. burns will continue tomorrow and friday. >>> investigators are look intoog what caused an accident on a freeway that killed a deputy. it happened about 3. 30 this morning right near stone ridge road in pleasanton. chp said a man walk today tla traffic and was hit by two vehicles. all lane of that freeway were shut down for three hours. officials are still trying to figure out who the man is and how he got on the freeway. >>> finds california voters are about split the november ballot to repeal the death penalty. 42% of voters say they will vote yes on proposition 34. 45% say they plan to vote no. 13% say they are undecided. also asked voters about prop 31, which reform the state's budget process and create rules to offset new spending. 42% plan to vote no. 21% says they're vote yes. 39% said undecided. >>> mitt romney campaigned in colorado today where h
into antioch. south bay freeway and the peninsula is still a very light right. there is still no delays. >> there was a fire that broke out at home in san francisco. this is the area of south san francisco but 800 block of grand ave. we have been following this story all morning long. the crews have now left this morning and the windows of a grand of this duplex are now boarded up. the fire department stated that around 11:30 p.m. last night they received a call about a fire. there were apparently to people inside the building when they arrived. the police officer helped the two people get out of the building and the smoke caused all of them to be trans purported to the hospital. you can see some of the damage that happened. >> there are two units at this duplex but the one on the left side is the one that sustained all of the damage. no major injuries were reported just smoke. they're all listed as stable at this time. as we get more information on the police officer and the other three victims will pass that along. >> we are waiting to hear from the u.s. supreme court. whether or not
the -- simon normally patrols the facility. >>> antioch is uping the ante when it comes to public safety, approved hiring of at least six nonsworn community service offices to beef up the police force. they will handle transporting people to jail, booking and fingerprinting, freeing up sworn officers to fight crime. the positions pay $87,000 a year and will be paid out of the city's reserve funds. antioch working to fill 13 vacant officer positions. >>> for the first time in seven years san francisco health officials confirming a resident of the city has the west nile virus and they say that person caught it locally. kira klapper joins us with more. >> reporter: the san francisco man who has west nile hasn't traveled outside the bay area that leaves health officials to believe he was infected locally although unclear in which county. his case was first reported september 21st, again the first case in san francisco since 2005. that man is recovering at home. since 2007, three dead birds in the city have tested positive for the virus most recent dead bird infected found near city college i
. officials say money normally patrols the -- simon normally patrols the facility. >>> antioch is uping the ante when it comes to public safety, approved hiring of at least six nonsworn community service offices to beef up the police force. they will handle transporting people to jail, booking and fingerprinting, freeing up sworn officers to fight crime. the positions pay $87,000 a year and will be paid out of the city's reserve funds. antioch working to fill 13 vacant officer positions. >>> for the first time in seven years san francisco health officials confirming a resident of the city has the west nile virus and they say that person caught it locally. kira klapper joins us with more. >> reporter: the san francisco man who has west nile hasn't traveled outside the bay area that leaves health officials to believe he was infected locally although unclear in which county. his case was first reported september 21st, again the first case in san francisco since 2005. that man is recovering at home. since 2007, three dead birds in the city have tested positive for the virus most recent dead
mainly inland 80s until we get to fairfield, antioch and livermore with 90. mid to upper 60s monterey bay, inland 80s. three hottest days of the forecast starting tomorrow, sunday now monday. 100 monday inland, 90 bay, mid 70s at the coast. >>> good morning. happy friday. friday light so far at the bay bridge it is early, but very light traffic headed into san francisco, no metering lights and no delays on the upper deck. accident in the vacaville area westbound 80 at 505 blocking lane three, you can see a little minor slowing past the scene critical mass 20th anniversary 6:00 this evening. we don't know where riders end up going traffic can be jammed they start at the embarcadero, skwruz skwreuz and fuse -- justin herman plaza and fuse their way around the city. down our wazeman -- download our waze map. nothing happening on the embarcadero you will find slow traffic free app become a traffic spotter, get involved and report back to other spotters what is happening and where the traffic issues are. critical mass great way to get around it. >> she had me at free. >>> next, the hunt for ji
the altamont to the dublin pleasanton interchange. slow out of antioch westbound 4, eight minutes once you get to hillcrest on the 242 not bad from antioch towards pittsburg. light traffic on the san mateo bridge few brake lights up the incline section on the highrise towards foster city from hayward eastbound headlights towards hayward moving at the limit. dumbarton bridge reopened, everything is smooth sailing so far on that bridge, if you are traveling 280, snaking from san jose towards cupertino no delays and highway 17 crossing over 280 no problems once you come out of santa cruz mountains. >>> 5:18 >> a's nine-game winning streak stops. oakland's team is the hottest ticket in town. >> giants need jedi mojo to get by the diamondbacks. sports, next. "and what's your name?" "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today. but styling my friend's is my favorite.nal stylist they all love the latest trends but none of them want to pay full price. they each have their own unique style, so
traffic there headed from the concord pittsburg area towards antioch headed westbound moving nicely now out of antioch. elsewhere, north and southbound roadwork waldo grid to the golden gate bridge down to the left lane up the entire waldo grade construction is on the northern portion of the golden gate bridge. they should have that picked up shortly. slow traffic northbound and southbound as that roadwork is out there. howard street downtown by mosconey center closed due to the dream force convention between third and fourth. traffic anywhere south of market during that convention is going to be bumper-to-bumper if you are coming downtown. larkspur ferry discontinuing the 11:40 a.m. boat as of october 1st. larkspur is san francisco then san francisco to lark sure the 12:25 will also be eliminated -- >>> 5:. >>> next, the -- complains americans are making about telemarketers. >> bomb scare at new york's jfk airport. why the pilot threatened to evacuate the plane on the runway. >>> major pot grow operation taken down outside california's capital. >>> high-tech simulation giving students
slow out of antioch, typical, starting this time of the morning towards pittsburg drive from hillcrest into concord less than 10 minutes. no problems out of the central valley, a little slowing at 205 things pick up to the altamont pass in through livermore, 15 minute drive to the dublin interchange. north 880 expect delays because of roadwork towards eastbound 237. bart, muni, all mass transit on time at this hour. >>> 5:20. california drivers are poised to become the first in the nation to pilot driverless cars. governor brown arrived at google headquarters in a computer controlled google toyota prius yesterday to sign legislation green lighting the autos, google is the force behind the technology. google says its prototypes have logged 300,000 miles without an accident. >> the self-driving car is going to face far greater scrutiny and appropriately so. i think that's going to be a key element of making these things safe and available. >> google's co-fonder was wearing his google glasses. he expects to have driver-free cars on the road within 10 years. the dmv is tasked with coming u
for us. in antioch, i got some cool readings in the santa cruz, western with at a. if o, there is a component and just a tiny guy out there, so a little cooler, breezy at times, still mild to warm and if you are stuck in that fog bank, it is cold, mild to warm inland 80s and still some mild to warm temperatures, it will continue to cool, thursday transition time with warmer inland temperatures and now not much will change and it looks like another cooler pattern arrives on sunday, pam. >>> we are learning new information about a robbery suspect who was shot by an off- duty san francisco deputy. the suspect is 17 years old and recovering from two gunshot wounds. at 2:00 yesterday morning, he approached the deputy near lake merit. the suspect demanded money. the suspect's gun was fake and he believed he was involved in two other robberies that night. >>> a tense confrontation in vallejo. several people showed up to speak out about five deadly officers involved shootings. it happened last week when police shot mario romero when they thought he had a gun. at a citizen panel
warm air a loft and it is very shallow. it has no personality whatsoever. and fairfield and antioch they have a 7 degrees difference and some have a 50 degrees ditch. the area of travis is under ten. and there will be pressure and for us high pressure is building in and the key is when we get a north wind. it still looks like good old- fashioned high pressure it will stay there by the coast, yet inland it will be warm to hot. guess who takes the bruneau the of -- brunt of this, hot inland, thick coastal fog, 88 morganel had 75 san mateo, 65 in the city oakland 72 and for some it is cool and for others it is hot. it looks like a cool down on sunday and that will carry us to monday, pam. >> thank steve. >>> a possible cause for hunter virus. the reason they may have played a role in spreading the disease. >>> and good morning as we drive through we will tell more about the bay area forecast and the morning commute. . >>> they are frosting in care crow. -- they are protesting in cairo. they have been setting things on fire and throwing rocks at police. it happened in response to an ame
in hayward tree cutting up to 90 degrees in brentwood and antioch. 82 in and out of and sunny 83 degrees in santa rosa 80 in oakland. next couple of days it to be as good, half as we head towards the weekend. if we get lucky we may see a weak offshore wind develop on monday. >>> of the bridge traffic is light as you work your way toward the toll plaza. headed toward the bay bridge for covering up the shore for we have some road work. west and 80 ride from paul street heading towards 580 you're going to run into some construction blocking the middle lanes in that area. as a lot of the golden gate bridge looking good out of orange county as you go toward san francisco street 15 minutes. his a look at conditions or one there spencer. spencer off from north on watt on watt is closed for road work that will be open within the next half-hour. uses them to the bridge as an alternate. fit the flip side know delicious for westbound antioch. >>> the two major candidates will be both tough campaign events and all harborage in every. mr. the both men attended event in ohio. at another state consider
grado llevo una pistola a la escuela primaria turner de antioch y aparentemente le apunto a sus compaÑeros de clase... al verse descubierto, a la salida, escondio el arma y se fue a su casa, autoridades escolares encontraron una replica de una pistola que disparaba balas de plastico, los padres y el niÑo fueron citados a la escuela, pero hasta ahora, se desconoce cuales son las consecuencias que van a enfrentar... ---ayer, la poliÍa arresÓ a dos adolescentes por presuntamente iniciar un incendio en un parque de "antioch".---el pasado 17 de septiembre, el fuego destruÓ toda unaÁrea de juegos en el parque ubicado en la cuadra mil de la calle "a".---un joven de 17 aÑos y otro de 14 permanecen en el centro de detencÓn juvenil de "marÍnez", bajo sospecha de incendio premeditado. ---un auto se estrello contra un edificio en oakland esta maÑana dejando a 6 personas heridas. --el accidente ocurrÓ entre las avenida 14 y la calle franklin.--un veÍculo se impacto contra un restaurante y posteriormente otro auto tambÉn se estrello atropellando a dos transÚntes. -- afortunadame
in the north bay and the peninsula however there is highway no. 4 coming out of antioch. looking--easy in the north bay. livermore, no problems at the macarthur maze. and near the summit they are completely cleared out. >> thank you. our chp officer that was shot on highway 680 has died. the loss of chp officer kenyon youngstrom who died wednesday evening from wounds he sustained in a shooting on interstate 680 in alamo on tuesday. officer youngstrom was pronounced dead at 6:05 p.m. wednesday at john muir medical center in walnut creek. he's survived by his wife and four children. >> right now we are going to a very difficult time. all of the waste we possibly can. that he absolutely loved his job. and the service agents for all of oz in the community. for all of- -us.. funeral arrangements have not been announced but we're also learning more about the people that a fired the shots. will train? >>reporter: this is the martinez headquarters his home away from home. in fact, he checked in and grabbed his squad car and was on patrol this was perhaps just 12 mi. from where he was s
to see some current temperatures because it's still mild inland. antioch right now, 68. livermore, 68. cooler as you head closer to the coast. 54, san francisco right now. half moon bay, 550. our first full day of fall is tomorrow. >> alan: still to come on abc-7 news at 11:00, a man mauled by a tiger at the bronx zoo. tonight why he says he went into that enclosure and what police say he'll be charged with. plus... >> ama: that doesn't look good. billy joe armstrong, on stage, meltdown that he had. why he went to pieces at a music festival in las vegas. >> alan: the counton is on for the emmy so... [ gasps ] these are sandra's "homemade" yummy, scrumptious bars. hmm? maybe. rich chocolate chips... i just wanted you to eat more fiber. chewy, oatie, gooeyness... and, and...and then the awards started coming in, and i became addicted to the fame. topped with chocolaty drizzle... and fraudulence. i'm in deep, babe. you certainly are. [ male announcer ] fiber one. fiber beyond recognition. >> alan: tonight police in new york are charging a man who jumped into a tiger exhibit win trespassi
underway in antioch, police found a 30-year-old man dead from what appeared to be a single gunshot wound. so far no suspects or motives in that case. >> in southern california a wildfire claimed the life on a campo indian reservation. there are 200 firefighters on the fire lines now. it's burned 1700 acres and is just 10% contained. >> now, you may see plumes of smoke billowing above antioch, fires set on purpose. there is authorities setting controlled fires on a property and more are scheduled for tomorrow, the owner has had problems with dumping in the past. debris was cleaned up, now, firefighters hope to use fires for training and to remove dry grass. >> second generation of scanners used to detect nonmetallic weapons could with coming to california airports. >> they are right there and last week, the transportation security administration selected two contractors part of a $245 million program and say they will reveal on a generic outline of the traveler. >> governor brown put the brakes on a bill that would have opened up carpool lanes between emeryville and the legislation was pr
including possibly one lane in both directions. police are investigating a fatal shooting in antioch around 1030 last night. the 1200 block of sycamore drive. we're not getting a lot of details at this time. we found a 34 year-old male who was already deceased. we do not have much more information other and that at this time. we have not come up with any leads so far. they're going to follow any possible leads so far and the police are asking for any information. detectives are arresting eric dean at last friday at 8 station where he had arranged to meet an undercover agent. they started chatting on a gay dating web site. they found meth amphetamines and several other drugs at his home in san francisco. he is on paid administrative leave and they do not believe that he sold any drugs to parents or students. keeping our eyes on wall street drop for the dow average is sitting at 13,00541. there is a drop for apple stock right now. only 5 million phones were sold over this weekend. also word about a riot at the fox compound. will be back as the kron4 morning news continues on this monday morni
fire in antioch. investigators say an arsonist may be responsible for this. it happened on l street and sycamore drive at 10:45 last night. firefighters think someone set a rooftrees behind the stores on fire. the fire spread to one of the stores. no one was hurt. no arrests have been made. firefighters are also investigating another fire that happened about a block away. >>> we also have new information on a fire that has forced classes to be canceled at a school in menlo park. ktvu channel 2 reporter lorraine blanco is at beachwood elementary with more on what investigators discovered about the building. >> reporter: pam, the menlo park fire chief says the building that burnt down yesterday didn't have a monitored fire alarm system or sprinkler system in place. you can see this morning the administration building is just a pile of burnt stuff. now the fire here at beachwood elementary or i should say beachwood school started before 4:00 a.m. yesterday and took more than three hours to get under control. these types of buildings are supposed to temporary buildings so they don't nee
. >>> good morning. a map of antioch eastbound highway 4, typical, construction ongoing at loveridge diverted off for another 20 minutes then right back on the freeway. westbound drive looking good antioch towards pittsburg on to concord area just under 10 minutes towards highway 242, so far, so good. 101 through marin continues with roadwork northbound at sir francis drake at the overpass, slow traffic southbound past the scene, a lot of machinery on the road for the repaving. central valley still good, 15 minutes from the altamont pass to the dublin-pleasanton area, a nice drive for you. southbound 101 through san rafael, past freitas parkway towards the civic center light. we have another live shot across the golden gate bridge coming out of the waldo tunnel, traffic nice into san francisco, no delays. >>> 5:11. >>> next how american airlines plans to save fuel by turning to the ipad. >>> mark zuckerberg's first public appearance since facebook's ipo. >>> targeting amtrak why the rail system has become a here you go little man. [ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [
will have an update from the shooting scene in our next half- hour. >>> a woman from antioch is missing and her family says she is almost nine months pregnant. lorraine blanco just talked to her sister and has more on where she might be headed. >> reporter: well, the 31-year- old disappeared last tuesday and i just got off the phone with her older sister and as you can imagine this has been a tough week for her family. take a look at margie cabrera, last seen in antioch, her sister tells us she likes to wear overhauls and a yellow shirt and has the mental capacity of a 12-year-old. she is pregnant and her due date is just a few weeks away. >> we have been worried because she is about to -- you know, she is due right now, on the 15th, and the moment when she was discharged from martinez, and the psychiatric, you know, a couple of hours after she disappeared like three hours after. >> back out here live in the tenderloin area margie has gone missing before and her family says she likes to hang out in the tenderloin area and found her before at the shelter. if you have any information that
administration of a cover up. >>> good morning, highway 4 traffic already busy especially in antioch. we'll tell you more about the morning commute. [ taste buds ] donuts, donuts, donuts! who are these guys? oh, that's just my buds. bacon, donuts. -my taste buds. -[ taste buds ] waffles. how about we try this new kind of fiber one cereal? you think you're going to slip some fiber by us? rookie. okay. ♪ nutty clusters and almonds, ♪ ♪ almonds. ♪ fiber one is gonna make you smile. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing new fiber one nutty clusters and almonds. with 43% daily value of fiber for you. crunchy nutty clusters and real almond slices for your taste buds. >>> welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. time is 5:12. mitt romney is accusing president obama of not coming clean with the details of the deadly attack in libya. >> i think they want to do their very best to keep the people of america from understanding exactly what happened. >> romney's running mate paul ryan also questioned whether white house officials are on the same page. the administration has called the libya viol
. specific numbers, 92 antioch, fairfield, 90s clear lake and ukiah, cloverdale, 80s north bay valleys and south bay, mid to upper 70s bay mid to upper 60s coast into san francisco, a little more sun at the coast today not as much as this weekend. 65 monterey, 75 santa cruz mid to upper 80s inland. friday through sunday inland mid to upper 90s around the bay mid 80s to near 90 saturday and it is going to be crowded at s, low to mid 70s saturday and sunday, -- warmest saturday, sunday. time for update on traffic. >>> good morning. a live shot, highway 24 from vollmer camera, snaking through orinda and lafayette towards the caldecott tunnel, beautiful shot nice and clear here as you head towards the caldecott, no issues. north 101 before third heading into san francisco still accident blocking a lien and stall at candlestick blocking a lane there -- eastbound 4 getting word fortunately noncommute direction port chicago highway with injury action with accident crews on the scene. >>> a familiar problem for families across the country. rising student debt. the new numbers now out showing h
are paying for private patrols. some in antioch are now offering each other protection. >> reporter: as shoppers left this supermarket they were greeted by men in white shirts who walked them to their cars. the group of volunteers included the imposing edward givens, master instructor at local tae kwan do school. >> one said you're big. just to make people feel secure. >> generally try not to go out too much at night but i work at night and always make sure i use the buddy system. >> reporter: there's a reason people aren't feeling so safe in antioch. the city is averaging 54 aggravated assaults per month. that's a 45% increase since last year. the arrests in 2012 is down by 25%. vice mayor and current candidate for mayor says that's because the city's police force needs more support. >> i think people are not feeling as safe. crime is up and we need more police officers. >> until more police officers are hired, they'll escort people to provide peace of mind. >> watching out for one another. making sure we're all helping each other to be safe and to, you know, talk to people. >> loo
about the disappearance of a missing antioch woman and how you can help. >>> plus -- it's kickoff day for the democratic national convention. why tonight's keynote speech will be historic. "mornings on 2" begins right now. >>> good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori clark. it's tuesday, september 4th. >>> a story we've been following since 4:30 this morning. a potential leak at a pool company on portal. that's where alex savidge is live with why this all turned out to be a false alarm. >> there was no chemical leak inside the company. everything started in the building that's just up from the north side. this has now been declared safe. the scene is clear as can you see. but you may be able to hear a chemical alarm is still going off here. that's the alarm that triggered a response. they came out to investigate a possible colleen spill. the first police officer to arrive thought he smelled chlorine in the air. the investigators checked out out the areas and used a oxygen meter but they did not find any leaks. >> they were unable to detect any presence of
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